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Donation for Education in India



EVENT DATE: Nov 22, 2012




Donation for Education in India

The Numbers don’t Lie Up to 17 million kids in India go without education or the promise of a better life. These same children have no claim to a better future and have been denied their very basic needs. You can do something, and do something now! By making a small donation for education you can make a large difference in someone’s life.

Education is the only tool to empower the less fortunate and make sure that they enjoy a better standard of life. Education empowers not only the youth, but also adults who have been left out in the lurch.

It enables the cast-aways from creating a niche for themselves and enforcing their human rights. Nobody has the right to snatch away someone’s livelihood or deny a decent life to any individual. The only way that previous prejudices and biases will disappear is by education.

The gift of education enables the person to earn for himself and lead a respectable, dignified and fruitful life. You can help people who have no basic education to achieve this distant dream.

At TKF the stress is on providing awareness on current issues, vocational training and child or adult education. Further, TKF also has alliances with corporate companies and educational institutes to promote the education and rights of a human being. 

Educate and Empower by Donating Today!

Education is the most important tool to judge a nation’s welfare and prowess. If our youth are left illiterate, there is no hope left for the future of our country. The idea at TKF is to provide a platform for the education and upbringing of all those who don’t have the means and access to education, jobs, employment and a better life. If you want to provide Funding for NGO in India to support such programs, please contact us today.

The Future Depends on You!

Help make the future of India a prosperous and happy one. You can bring the light of education to dispel the darkness of ignorance, slavery and bondage in many a child’s life by donating for education. Although the standard of education in India is considered world-class, the fact remains that many Indians can’t send their children to school. You can help get rid of this problem and provide education to the lowest strata of society.

With the gift of education, you can provide a family or a child the ability to face the threats of the future and reap benefits for his dependents. Educated youth are the prerequisites of a booming economy. If you can help poorer people achieve this, you can bring about a revolution in the abysmal conditions of those living below the poverty line.

With education, the future generations of our country will be able to tide over the huge problems of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, farmer suicides, inequality and many such troubles facing the country.

Vocational training, basic education, access to premier institutes, these are the few goals that TKF has planned for the less fortunate. You can also provide scholarships and assistance to brighter students who don’t have the means to complete their education. Many children drop out of school; this trend can be nipped in the bud with your contribution. Make the buck stop here; take hold of the future of your country.

If you do not wish to donate but want to Join to to support the needy in your own way, get yourself registered with us now. 

Benefits of Donating for Education
  • Donation for Education and improving lives go hand in hand.
  • Improve lives and literacy rates by encouraging funds for education.
  • Donation counts, large or small.
  • Literate young India means a better tomorrow for the future generation.



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