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Donor Breast Milk Saves Newborn Lives

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As a lactation consultant, public health nurse, and a mother, I am passionate about improving access to breast milk for all babies that need it, including the most vulnerable preterm infants, whose outcomes are dramatically improved with access to breast milk. I am proud to support the mission and founders of the New York Milk Bank in their campaign to expand their services.

The New York Milk Bank Inc wrote -

We are the doctors and lactation specialists and managers of The New York Milk Bank, a new nonprofit that we launched this year in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY because pasteurized donor milk saves the lives of premature infants.

Our mission is to collect donor milk, process it safely, and get it to every infant whose own mom isn't able to breastfeed. 

We know that our frailest babies who get formula can develop a terrible intestinal disease called NEC - necrotizing enterocolitis. Babies who develop the disease can face a lifetime of difficulties and in New York State alone about 100 babies die from NEC each year.

We're here to prevent that from happening.

We've had an incredible year so far as we push toward our goal: We bought our first pasteurizer and opened The New York Milk Bank just this summer. We bought huge industrial freezers to store raw milk that so many generous women donated. As more milk arrived we bought more freezers and rented a nearby storage room to house them. 

We even went to Albany and pushed through passage of The Nickolas Bill that will require Medicaid to pay for donor milk when it goes into law on Jan. 1, 2017. We're so proud of that effort.

We're processing 1100 ounces of milk each week, but we need to greatly increase our capacity to be ready for the upcoming demand when the new bill takes effect. We need a bigger space, even more freezers to hold donor milk, and a second pasteurizer which would increase production threefold. That processor alone costs $40,000!

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  • Join our fundraising team by clicking on the "Join the team" link. Include a great photo, tell us your donor milk story, and you can even make a short video with your phone.

We'll share these stories from our many friends as our campaign unfolds.

We will also create a special permanent plaque in our new home to honor the work of all donors and campaigners who raise $1000 or more.

Thank you for taking us this far and for your continued support and belief in the importance of pasteurized donor milk for all infants in need.

The Team: $30,502 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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