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Don't Dump on S.C.

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Help South Carolina Sierra Club stop out-of-state waste corporations from turning S.C. into a waste colony!

Corporate waste giants like Waste Management Inc. and Republic Services are pushing hard to get the “flow control” bill, or H.3290, passed in the upcoming legislative session. If passed, counties will no longer be able to control where solid waste within their own boundaries ends up. These corporations have a strong profit motive and with the rules in their favor, South Carolina can expect thousands of tons more trash coming down from New York, New Jersey and even our neighbors North Carolina. With trash going to the private-owned landfills, the publicly-owned landfills could default on the very taxpayer-financed bonds that keep them running. And that means buyouts by the private landfills. Public landfills can deny out-of-state waste and they are also required to have recycling initiatives by law; privately owned landfills are allowed to take in all the out-of-state waste they can handle and they are not mandated to recycle.

Unless a state’s citizenry loudly says “NO” to out-of-state waste (including human sludge), corporate waste giants like Waste Management Inc. and Republic Services quietly move in and take over.

The Sierra Club has joined a coalition called Don’t Dump on SC (, and we are leading the way in the fight to stop out-of-state waste corporations from turning SC into a waste colony.

But we cannot do this alone! As a volunteer-led organization, we need your help! Your donations will help us to organize and inform South Carolinians all across the state, so we can continue the fight against these bad bills. Billboards and other means of online and social media advertisements can do much to raise awareness and to let legislators know that we mean business, but without your support, we don’t have a chance.

Please contribute to the South Carolina Sierra Club so that we can move this fight forward and work to say “NO” to out-of-state waste!




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