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I was fortunate enough to meet Mina and Jim Buc, Erin Ferrell and their group of amazing people over at “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Foundation. This amazing group is spreading the memory of their Kevin like rays of sunshine. Although I did not have the honor of meeting Kevin Carlberg I have been touched by him, his experience, and the lasting love that is still alive today within this awesome group of people at “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. All of the money raised goes to help Cancer Warriors to pay their treatment and hospital bills. 

Please check out: www.dwbhshirts.org

My Story and My Dearest OTTO:
My Father died when I was 16 years old. It was then back in 1999 when my Uncle Otto stepped up to the plate and assumed the role as my father and best friend. He really helped to fill the void of such a great loss during a teenage girl’s most formidable years. We had so much fun together, yes he did let me break a few rules, but he felt that it was better and safer for me to have a drink with him at his house or at a bar that his friend owned (shhh, don’t tell). He made everything fun and interesting, I could have a conversation with him and he was so real and honest about anything that I was going through as a teen, yet I had the comfort and protection of a father figure. As I got older we transitioned into such a deep friendship. Otto was my rock and he always had my back- I remember when I signed with my first agent and he said I had to tell them my father needed to look over the contract before I could sign anything… he was a key player on my team. Whenever he met a boyfriend that I brought to visit he would always say “So…man, nice to meet you, but don’t get too comfortable because the verdict is still out on whether you get to live or die.” LOL- He was very protective when it came to the whole boyfriend situation and while they would uncomfortably laugh at this statement, I think they kinda thought he was a little serious. When he came to my very first movie premiere at the Palms Casino in Vegas his eyes were glowing with pride. We celebrated, gambled, and partied until the sun came up that night! I mean that’s what life is all about right, those precious moments and sharing them with those you love the most!

Nothing I can write will ever convey just how amazing Otto was and still is. He lives on in many, many people’s hearts. I love that he touched so many people and I love that so many people have this same feeling that I have for this amazing man! He was so very charismatic and he connected on such a human level with people. He saw through the superficial exteriors that we all put up to shield ourselves from the harsh world. When he talked to you, he really listened with empathy and understanding. His hugs were epic! 

What is this life and why are some people taken from us WAY too early? 
Otto was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer just a few weeks after his 40th birthday in September. He fought hard and always remained optimistic through his treatments and hospitalization. It was a frustrating time for my dearest Otto because his heart and soul were so full of life and vest, however his body was failing him. He tried to stay active with long walks with his girlfriend and partner to and from his chemo treatments. He often wore a beenie hat that said “FUCK CANCER”. 

Now that we no longer have him in this world I cherish the memories that we shared. I was so fortunate to have him as my father figure and best friend- I am a better person because of him! These memories and many others are mine and I hold them so dear, so THANK YOU for allowing me to share them with you all. Whether you knew Otto or you know me, please live everyday with understanding, empathy and love for those around you and always, ALWAYS Give Thanks….


Cancer is a growing epidemic and I am sure it has affected someone you know or someone you are close to. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Shirts helps cancer warriors raise money for hospital bills and treatments through the sale of their super cute shirts that spread an up lifting message of love, hope and happiness. The styles are super fashionable too. lol. 



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