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HOPE 4 self-injury Tax ID 27-1272063


Self-injury is on the rise and Door of Hope 4 Teens has helped over 800 young women who suffer from this affliction. Self-injury is NOT about getting attention but a serious cry for help and a  destructive coping mechanism to handle the intense emotions that come from abuse and low self esteem.

How can you help?  

We need supporters like you, who are passionate about seeing this generation step into a life of freedom and not living with brokeness.Your geneours dontaton provides crisis care advocates 5 nights a week  to encourage and provide emotional support to teens via text messaging, email, chats on face book and calling our HOPE line. We provide a door to freedom, the first step that so many young people need to take in their recovery preocess.

We want to expand our mission and offer more hope, more love, more freedom into the lives of those that are addicted to cutting. We want to increase our staff and update our software and web site.  We also dream of having our own APP so teens can acess us from their phone 24/7.

Thank you so much for considering helping this vital cause:)