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Dot N Ray

The Greatest Philadelphia Performing Arts Enrichment Program seamlessly converted to today's technology in providing the performing arts virtually. The services the organization provides are wrapped on virtual personal care needs and educating our Inner City young people on options in wellness while walking their journey in the arts.


Our mission is to provide services to the Inner City youth and the young adults who are underpriviledged, unfortunate, and non-supported at a tough stage in life.  The enrichment program will encourage, lift self-esteem, awareness, and servival skills remotely, virtually as well as hands-on while dicovering their way into the performing arts. 

The Cyber world has taken our children and youth to the next level in the arts & technology.  The founder of the organization and director of the director of The Greatest Philadelphia Performing Arts Enrichment Program (GPPA) has seven (7) years experience of governing as the Vice President of the 2nd largest Public Cyber Charter School in the State of Pennsylvania.  Also, she clearly sits as a Chair for six (6) years on the Avenue of the Arts Community Outreach in Philadelphia, which the GPPA is in affiliation with.  The GPPA is missioned to take-on strives as a grassrooted orgasnization.  Not to mention, the founder and director has a background history and experienced in the arts for over 20-30 years as one of Philadelphia's professional models who has done services in the South Eastern Tristate area in multible communities in the 1980s and 1990s and travel in a production along the East Coast as performing artist entertainer.  As this history is intermingled with services rendered to children and adolescent with some mental health problems.  The motto is "if only one time can make a difference".  

The Dot N Ray, Inc.'s mission continues to take on the founder's walk of journies and vision in sharing her experiences.  The organization is only grassrooted learning to grow beside cornerstone organizations within it's own community  and to provide based programming.  The GPPA directs the youth into a proffessional level of events as well as virtually providing a level of education in self-care directon and wellness.