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Dottie Arnold

Dottie Arnold
Emporia, KS United States
Stuff About Me:

Hi, I am Dottie. The photo is from a blissfully ignorant happier time. Because of my situation I cannot disclose my whole name or where I am from or currently staying. 

I am 56 years old; I am unemployed and had to flee my 7 yearlong marriage due to abuse. I am currently living in transitional housing.

Let me give some background. I thought I had found Prince Charming. I was 47 when I met him and finally let someone into my heart. I owned my home free and clear, and my nice car was also paid for in full. I was in a good place, in a good community. Life was good. I knew a marriage takes work, and I was willing to go the distance. But from the start things were rough and continued to get more and more difficult over time. After only a couple of years from meeting him, because of financial difficulties, and despite my employment, we had to sell my home and move. We ended up in a small, poor community 50 miles away from all I had known, because that is where he wanted to live. I ended up working at Walmart and he delivered papers for $350 a month. 

The final straw was when he put his hands around my throat. That was when I finally knew I needed out - Now.

Now I am on my own, with few resources to make a new life. My family is only able to help me in very small ways (phone card time, help with gas, etc.). I am going to every resource available but it is not enough to begin a new life.

I am not a lazy person either. I have a Bachelor’s degree, I have a professional certification and I do work very hard, both in life and in work.  I am currently on 5 job boards (Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed) and have put in over 40 applications for work in my new town since July 1, 2015. I have had 3 interviews but no job yet. 

I am not looking for a handout, but a hand up.
I need to restart my life from scratch and I am asking for your help. When I fled, all I had was my car and what I could fit in it. Most of the money requested is to help me keep my car, which is a necessity where I am. I also need help getting the money for a deposit and first month’s rent on a place to live.

I need all the prayers that people can offer. Also, if you can find it in your heart to help me financially, I would be forever grateful.  Any amount would help. If you are unable to help me financially, please share my story. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this.



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