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Dignity, Opportunity, Voice and Empowerment

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Our Mission

DOVE is a catalyst for social change fostering zero tolerance for interpersonal violence. We do this by providing individualized support to empower survivors and through cultivating focused prevention education that inspires community action.

Our goal is to build a community in which abuse is eliminated and personal empowerment is promoted through prevention, education, and training.

We wear our values on our sleeves: dignity, opportunity, voice, and empowerment for every person who walks in our door. Our values are evident in all we do and guide our work with survivors, the community and other providers.

DOVE is part of a global movement that links anti-violence work to other progressive social change movements. This is our guiding principle. Our movement promotes safe, loving and equitable relationships in strong, connected communities that can assist in sustaining those relationships. We work collaboratively to support survivors of domestic violence and to build safe, peaceful and accountable communities.

Our Services

  1. How We Help:  DOVE provides confidential, survivor-led advocacy services that involves deep listening, resource referrals and safety planning. We also provide holistic offerings for survivors such as Non-Violent Communication classes, trauma-informed yoga, Axiom Equine horse therapy and working mother's revolution classes helping moms to get back into the workforce. 
  2. Legal Advocacy:   DOVE gives assistance and support to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors as they engage with the criminal or civil legal system
  3. Community Outreach:  DOVE is building a program aimed at changing societal beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence.  We offer bystander intervention trainings, RAD self-defense classes, and VashonSAFE trainings to engage with restaurants and bars in creating a sexual assault free environment. 
  4. Primary Prevention:  Primary prevention is a strong pillar of DOVE's work, with innovative programming at the middle and high school. We strongly believe that prevention can work to stop violence before it starts.  Lunchboxes  is a program we developed for the middle school serving small bite-sized activities that students can voluntarily participate in during lunchtime that teaches topics from healthy relationships to cyber-bullying.   Our Teen Council offers peer-led sex education in our middle school and assemblies in the high school.  We have two new pilot programs: Coaching boys into Men and Athletes as Leaders which will be training coaches to implement a small lesson each week about positive  behaviours in dating and amongst peers.