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Dragon Tears Comic Launching

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I'm really glad that you came across our campaign.

We are Team Exoro Choice. We are a group of talented and creative individuals. Our goal is to help each other improve our skills and along the way we hope to achieve our dreams.

Check out our profiles and portfolio. We enjoy putting 100% effort into each of our creations. We believe a masterpiece can be achieved but only with great effort and your support. Our efforts and passion for art pushes us to expand, and participate in many events. We will be publishing and launching our first comics in April, 2012 and will be participating in events such as the Ozine Fest, the Summer Komikon, Supanova and Animania to market our comics to comic enthusiasts and avid readers.

On this regard, we are cordially inviting everyone to be part of this project by being one of the sponsors, your company, group, or name will be included and advertised to avid comic fans out there through our printed comics, website, as well as on our Facebook fan page.

We want to show you a pure, high-fictional story with great quality output that can meet and exceed your expectations. We will create more chapters of our story soon. Imagine the world behind our creations, where dragons, and magical powers exist! This is a one of a kind story that you will never forget.



Short Summary

Long ago, dragons and humans coexisted  in harmony. However, a conflict ensued between the two races and eventually war erupted. Centuries later, the battle is still being fought. For Halbert Viedelman, reading in the library is more important than fighting. Despite his desire for a peaceful life, Hal is forced by his father to bring the family sword and join the war.

As soon as he embarks on his journey, he stumbles upon a cursed dragon named Howard. To his utmost surprise, Howard grants him a Dragon Tear, a gift that dragons used to give to the humans long ago before the war started. With no real desire to battle, how will Hal use the gift given to him to stop the war?

Dragon Tears Main Characters


Halbert Viedelman

Hal is the youngest son of the famous Viedelman family. He loves reading so much and is usually found in the library of their mansion. However, because their family is known for saving the people from dragons, Hal  is forced by his father to help stop the war. He is banned from every library until the war is over. Hal gets easily nervous thanks to his vivid imagination.

Nidelle Geard

Nidelle travels from different villages to help spread knowledge on curing different wounds and diseases. Her ancestor once owned a dragon tear and it helped them learnways to cure using different flowers and plants. She volunteers to helpothers and is rather strict when it comes to health. Thanks to the stories that her family told her, she is able to guide and help Hal decide on a way to use the dragon tear.


Due to a curse, Howard  is currently in a small form which stops him from using all of his powers. He can’t remember who cursed him and so he is now travelling with Hal in hope of getting back his real form and power. Like Hal, he has no affinity with the on-going war and would rather travel to different places than fight humans.


What We Need & What You Get

As an independent publisher, printing of high quality comics is very financially challenging. We cannot afford to fund it ourselves. We hope our artworks and creations will inspire you to help us. We dedicate a lot of our time to creating this masterpiece; a graphic novel to be enjoyed by everyone.

Your company, group, or name will be included and advertised to comic fans  through our printed comics, website, and Facebook fan page.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t help us with our monetary issues, you can still help us by sharing this campaign with others. We will appreciate it if you can spread this campaign through word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites.  We want you to be part of this project and make it happen! Thank you!



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