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DRAW was started with a singular premise in mind: That a natural disaster is the only time in the human experience where a person or family goes from everyday life to rock bottom instantaneously. We want to be an organization that is there with whatever those survivors need as soon as they need it.

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Our goal is to provide relief to as many people affected by natural disasters as possible.  We do this by sending a first respone team to these sites to help people find valuables, rebuild homes, talk with communities, or do anything else they need. We send buckets full of supplies to these communities.  There are different types including bathroom buckets, team buckets (for volunteers), sleeping supply buckets, cleaning buckets, valuables buckets, and patch buckets.  You can check out a complete list of supplies in these buckets at drawbuckets.org!  We would appreciate and love any support given to us by you! Thank you!