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Helping the Needy Become Needed

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Dreamweaver provides THREE areas of service: 




Dreamweaver has vision to end poverty around the world through strategic efforts in education, healthcare, and compassionate community development programs.  The mission of Dreamweaver recognizes in order to end poverty; the policy discussions and programs created must fulfill a critical and necessary component.  We must create and dedicate ourselves to empowering people to raise their own standards and become self-sustaining.  Billions of dollars have been invested in poverty alleviation programs and progress is being made, but it's slow and often steps move forward followed by just as many steps backward. 

Dreamweaver believes in empowerment, self sustaining, and giving people a fishing pole, teaching them how to fish, and then letting them fish on their own.  This of course is metaphorically how we can create lasting change in the world and end many if not all the challenges facing our world. Virtually every struggle rises in part to poverty, scarcity, and the fight for resources. But when people don't have to beg for help, fight for what they need, and can feel sufficiency, struggle, alarm, and reactive circcumstance ends. 

Projects Dreamweaver undertakes focus on teaching and not GIVING. As the saying says and was eluded to in the previous paragraph, "Give a man a fish today and HE EATS TODAY.  But teach him how to fish and HE EATS FOR HIS LIFETIME and may end up sharing some along the way."