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Dream World for Special Needs People

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EVENT DATE: Jun 01, 2014

Miguel Regalado


A first of its kind park offering rides, playgrounds and other amusement activities designed specifically for those with special needs is set to open spring 2015

The $32 million facility called Dream World is fully-accessible. One ride, for example, is an off-road adventure where park goers sit in vehicles designed to accommodate wheelchairs while traveling through the twists and turns of rocky terrain.

In addition to rides, the park also includes a sensory village, a lake for fishing and a garden complete with calming music and art. Safety features like wristbands enabled with tracking devices are also available.

 “They have an opportunity to do things they’ve never done before, like ride in a swing or a carousel or sit with their family in a train,

Admission is free for visitors with special needs, but everyone else pays $5. Reservations are required for the park,



Have you ever wonder how you could make peoples life easier, I mean special needs people to be exact, I have a daughter that I’ve seen her struggle since the day she was born and as she gets older it gets harder. From preschool, to middle school, she can’t  play and have fun like the other kids, or play any sports in P.E, she’s always wondered and asked why can’t she join the dance team in middle school, or when she was in Elementary school she would always want to ride a swing but wasn’t able to, in birthday parties she couldn’t hit the piñatas, jump in the inflatable jumpers or do anything with the rest of them children and I would always see her sad face and disappointment in herself, she would ask me dad god doesn’t like me huh and I would say why do you, she would say cause he made me this way, he doesn’t want me to be a normal kid and play with my friends. That as a parent breaks your heart hearing your baby girl saying that to you, so I’ve done some research and homework and decided to buy 466 acres of land and build a dream world for special need kids, adults, & seniors. I want to combined a Disney land, universal studios, six flags, raging water park, and lake with camping sites but for special need people who want to be treated equally and kindly as others, also in dream world I want to connect a therapy sessions, gyms, employment, and housing for all special need people to enjoy every last minute, it will be their own little world living in our big world but only meant for them and only them.

            I have purchased 466arces in Colton Ca near Loma Linda University, & children’s hospital in Loma Linda ca. the reason I bought so much land was because I don’t want to have limits in building, in the near future if every works out the as planed I would like to keep adding to this dream world paradise, as I will be listening to all special needs people around the world and see what they would like to see in the near future that would make their life more easier and fun to live in.

            To make all of this happen I need as much help as I could get to build this Dream World project, As it came out to a estimated $32 million dollar project and is set to be build by early Spring 2015, if we could raise as much money by June 2014, the state of California has accepted to help out with Charity fund only with one condition if the public can raise $2 million dollar by June 2014 they will put the rest of the funds to build the special needs Dream World, so with that being said we have 6 months to come up with $2 million dollars in a charity fund to prove to the people of the state of California that this would be a great place and beginning to special need people, for more information on the project or questions please contact us on this website for answers as we are ready to share our plans and blue prints of what will be the first, only and best place in the world for special needs people. Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

P.S the highest donor will be announced on the opening of the new beginning



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Miguel is working on selecting a charity so you can support Dream World for Special Needs People.