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Dr. Florabel Mullick Endowment- Annual Recognition of Pathologist From an Underserved Country



Help Create the Dr. Florabel Mullick Endowment

With your support, Dr. Florabel Mullick's IAP legacy will continue to inspire the next generation of pathology leaders! The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) Foundation will establish the Dr. Florabel Mullick Endowment Fund. The endowment can be established with a minimum $25,000 fund. The endowment would provide for an annual travel award (up to $2,500) for a pathologist from an underserved country to attend the USCAP Annual Meeting. This award would be given each year to deserving pathologist in Dr. Florabel Mullick's name in perpetuity.

Dr. Mullick joined the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in 1972, rising to become its Director in 2007, its first civlian Director in its 145 year history.  The International Academy of Pathology elected her Secretary in 1994 and President in 2008.  (Dr. Mullick's full biography below)  

Together, in Dr. Mullick's honor, we can ensure that pathologists across the globe have the support they need to provide their communities the highest level of care.

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Dr. Florabel Mullick Biography

Florabel Garcia Mullick, M.D., ScD, F.C.A.P.

Dr. Florabel Garcia Mullick was born in Asturias, Spain. She received her Doctor of Medicine degree from the School of Medicine University of Puerto, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and pathology training at University Hospital of Puerto Rico Medical Center, Children's Hospital in Washington, D.C, and Georgetown University Medical Center also in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Mullick was a Diplomate of The American Board of Pathology in Anatomic Pathology. She was a distinguished graduate of the Senior Executive Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  She received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the Metropolitan University   Ana. G. Mendes University System (AGMUS), Puerto Rico.

In 1972 Dr. Mullick joined The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP). A smart, intelligent and goal-oriented hard worker, she rose in ranks. She was appointed Associate Director of the Institute in 1987, and Director, Center for Advanced Pathology in 1994.  She also served as Chair, Department of Environmental Pathology since 1996. In 1999, she became the first civilian Principal Deputy Director appointed at the Institute since its founding as the Army Medical Museum in 1862.  Finally, in 2007 she reached the top and was appointed The Director of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. For the first time in 145-year history of this premier research institution of the Armed Forces of the United States a civilian was appointed as The Director. A three star General told her husband "Dr. Mullick you should be very proud of your wife. She not only broke the glass ceiling she shattered it". As The Director her responsibilities included directing the activities of five Service Line Directorates.

Her visionary support and tireless efforts in establishing a Telepathology Program at the Institute led to the formal dedication in 2005 of "The Florabel G. Mullick, M.D., Videoteleconference Center.".

Dr. Mullick was appointed Adjunct Professor of Pathology, Georgetown University Hospital Medical School, Washington, D.C., Consultant in Pathology, Oncologic Hospital, University of Puerto Rico Medical Center, Professor of Pathology, Uniformed Services University of Health Science, Bethesda, Maryland, and Professor of Pathology, University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus.

Dr. Mullick personally authored or co-authored 193 publications that were published in professional journals. She was on the editorial boards of Modern Pathology, Toxologic Pathology, Electronic Journal of Pathology and Histology and consultant editor for Annals of Diagnostic Pathology.

Dr. Mullick was the first to recognize and publish in the literature a casual relation between a number of therapeutic drugs and their adverse effects on humans, such as salicylates and Reye's Syndrome, hexachlorophene toxicity in infants; and myocarditis associated with methyldopa.

She served as Chair of the National Science Foundation supported Model Institutions for Excellence Program and the Science and Technology Committee. She was a member of the Board of Directors of the Ana G. Mendes University System.

In 1992 she was awarded the prestigious Presidential rank of Meritorious Executive by the President of the United States.  And in 1993 and again in 1999 she received the Distinguished Executive award. The highest honor bestowed on a civilian in the US federal government by the President of the United States In 1994 she received the Distinguished Executive Service award from the Senior Executives Professional Developmental League.

Dr. Mullick was a founding Trustee of the History of Pathology Society.

The International Academy of Pathology elected her its President in 2008.

Dr. Mullick enjoyed traveling, dining out, socializing and entertaining family, friends and neighbors for lunches and dinners at her home.  She very actively participated in social events of the community and played leading roles in organizing many of those.

Most of all, she was a loving spouse, mother and grandmother; to her husband of 47years, Umesh, to her son and daughter-in-law Sanjay and Charu and their children Diya and Meera; and her son and daughter-in-law Taresh and Anu and their children Karina and Jia, and a sister to a very loving and caring brother Jose Garcia" Pepe". She also leaves behind a large number of relatives and friends whom she always treated as family.




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Dr. Umesh Mullick

Dr. Umesh Mullick

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Ana G. Méndez University System

Ana G. Méndez University System

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Drs. Abha & Avinash Mullick

Drs. Abha & Avinash Mullick

2 years ago

Drs. Ati & Vikram Mullick

Drs. Ati & Vikram Mullick

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Narian and Shama Rajan

Narian and Shama Rajan

Dr. Mullick was a leader and inspiration and gave opportunitiess and encouraged students to reach their full potential. 2 years ago

Brij and Gopal Ahluwalia

Brij and Gopal Ahluwalia

2 years ago

Kulwanti M. Singh

Kulwanti M. Singh

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Vijay and Gita Bhatia

Vijay and Gita Bhatia

For an outstanding, caring friend, Dr. Florabel Mullick. 2 years ago

Kiran and Rajinder Chopra

Kiran and Rajinder Chopra

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Dr. J.N. Mathur

Dr. J.N. Mathur

We miss you. 2 years ago