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When the Akaa Project was founded in 2009, the establishment of the Asiafo Amanfro Community School was intended to enhance the lives of children from the Asiafo Amanfro community. Over the years, however, word of the school and its successes has spread to neighboring communities as well. This development is strongly welcomed and encouraged by the Akaa Project, as our mission is to educate and enhance the lives of as many people as possible, and we have been extremely happy to see a steady rise in the number of students in our classrooms year after year. However, many of the children from surrounding communities must travel great distances to get to the school.
The project was originally founded because not enough children were getting their education because the school was too far away. The Akaa Project founder, Lauren Grimanis, saw many out of school children in Asiafo Amanfro and was determined to change their futures. Through the school, the Akaa Project has given children in these remote villages access to education.
The past few years have seen a steady growth and maintenance of student attendance from the neighboring communities of Hasi, Bosotwi, and Suta, as well as a number of children from areas that are even further away. The closest is Hasi, which is about half of a mile downhill from the school. Every morning, children as young as 4 years old wake up and make the half mile walk uphill to the school in extreme heat, and make the same walk back after school is finished. The communities of Bosotwi and Suta upwards of two miles from the school, yet the children there are so committed to their education that they are willing to walk that far to learn.
Our hope is that the reputation of our school continues to spread and we continue to see more and more children interested in attending. However, that hope is coupled with the knowledge that as word of our school spreads, the distance our students will have to travel will increase. The establishment of bus transportation to and from the school would not only increase the number of students who are able to attend the school, but also make the trip much easier and more efficient for those already attending.
With the strength of the US dollar compared to the Ghana cedi and the need for reliable, stable transportation, it’s the Akaa Project’s time to invest in a vehicle!
We are starting a campaign to raise money to buy a tro tro aka school bus strictly for the Project’s purpose: aka getting the kids to school! School starts in September and our goal is to raise $15,000 and to the MGD momentum strong by helping the world achieve the second of the eight goals set forth by the UN



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