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Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Genesis House I, II, III & Oasis' Fundraiser:

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Genesis House I, II, III & Oasis' Photo
Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Genesis House I, II, III & Oasis' Photo


The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries aims to raise $250,000.00 by Christmas Day in order to support two of its programs - Veterans Independence Program and Genesis House I - Teen Mothers Program.

This fundraiser, which is called The Bankole Thompson Fund for Veterans and Teen Moms, received its name from Bankole Thompson - senior editor for The Michigan Chronicle newspaper.

Below is more information about each of DRMM's programs, and the goal of the fundraiser!


Teen Mothers Housing Program

The DRMM Genesis House I program provides transitional housing to Teen Mothers. This program, which is housed on the East side of Detroit, provides housing to up to 20 teen mothers and their children for up to 24 months. Staff at Genesis House I work with the teen mothers to secure permanent housing solutions, while also working with the teens to obtain an education (high school diploma, GED, college, etc.), and find employment. Services include  transitional housing, meals, supervision, transportation, assistance in attaining high school diploma or GED, child care, transportation service, counseling, child care, health care referrals and , employment assistance in order to help these young women obtain permanent housing and income.  Services such as pre-natal and post-natal care, personal finance and counseling are also provided to the teen mothers through case management.

The goal of the Genesis House I program is for each teen mother to leave the program with an education, employment and permanent housing, while also being able to care for themselves and their children. Among other successes during the last program year, 91% of the program participants established and maintained permanent housing.  100% gained skills or income in the way of a GED, high school training, employment-related training or a job and 100% enrolled in mainstream programs to provide them with the resources needed to focus on their education while providing for their infants’ needs.

In the next year and a half, the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries aims to rehabilitate the Teen Mothers program, while creating a functional childcare facility for the teen mothers, as well as other DRMM women clients, to drop their children off during the day. The creation of such a program will not only provide a safe and secure place for children to learn, grow, and play, but will also provide DRMM’s teen mothers and other DRMM women clients who have children an opportunity to go to work, go to school, or find employment without having the stress of childcare interfere.

Veterans Housing Program

The DRMM Veterans Per Diem program, which is housed in Highland Park, provides transitional housing for Veterans of the American Armed forces for 6-24 months while case managers work with residents to find permanent housing solutions. The program also assists Veterans who struggle with substance abuse achieve and maintain sobriety. Additionally, services such as counseling, vocational training, job development, health care and personal finance are all offered to program residents. At capacity, the program located at 211 Glendale is able to house 65 Veterans. Our facility at 13220 Woodward houses another 25 Veterans.

At DRMM’s Veterans Per Diem facility at 211 Glendale, DRMM is currently working to rehabilitate its first and second floors, which will greatly impact the quality of services that are delivered to the Veterans living at the facility. Additionally, the rehabilitation of the second floor will increase the number of Veterans that DRMM can serve. In concert with the rehabilitation project, DRMM hopes to expand its job development program with the creation of 10 part-time positions and 2 full-time positions specifically for Veterans. The job development expansion will not only provide 12 veterans employable income, but will also provide them opportunities to secure permanent housing, while also providing a sense of self-worth and self-pride.

Goal of the Bankole Thompson Fund

With the Bankole Thompson Fund for Veterans and Teen Moms, DRMM hopes to raise $250,000.00 each year to support them. Most of these programs’ housing dollars come from other sources.  The Teen Moms housing program receives 75% of its funding through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development while the Veterans program receives most of its housing dollars from the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

However, what we are trying to accomplish with the Bankole Thompson fund is the ongoing enhancement of the facilities in which they live and the breadth of services (above and beyond housing) that we can offer them to help them truly excel in reaching their goals. 


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