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Partnership for A Drug Free America, Inc.'s Fundraiser:

You Are Not Alone

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Partnership for A Drug Free America, Inc.'s Photo
Partnership for A Drug Free America, Inc.'s Photo
Partnership for A Drug Free America, Inc.'s Photo
Partnership for A Drug Free America, Inc.'s Photo
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Transform stigma, isolation and fear into Strength, Hope and Change.

We at the Partnership at, a national nonprofit that helps parents of teens, are leading a nationwide cause campaign, You Are Not Alone. Because 90% of addiction starts in the teen years, the goal of this campaign is to initiate change so that together we can lower the barriers parents face in getting their teens the effective treatment and recovery support they deserve. You Are Not Alone will begin creating a new dialogue around addiction, and leveraging the power of individual stories.

We know addiction brings with it stigma, doubt and hopelessness that often stand in the way of getting young people the help they need and deserve. You Are Not Alone is dedicated to supporting the 11 million young people who are struggling with drug and alcohol problems. The earlier a teen gets the help they need, the better the outcome for a healthy life and transition into adulthood.

Our goal is to let parents, teens and family members know that they’re NOT alone. With the voices of many, we can demonstrate that drug and alcohol abuse/addiction is a society-wide problem. It affects young people in families of all races/ethnicities, at all income levels and in every walk of life.

We aim to connect with families and parents who often feel isolated, afraid and uninformed and let them know there are answers and support, that it’s not their fault and that their child can recover.

Help Us Ensure Our Parent Resources Reach Every Family In Need:

Raising kids is never simple or easy. With the launch of Time To Get Help, our online parent support community, and the first ever National Parents Helpline, we are continuing to deliver on our promise to be parents’ partner at every step of the way.  With your support, we can help ensure that these and additional resources like our Intervention and Treatment E-Books  continue to grow as useful, easy to understand support programs for the 11 million families who need answers and guidance.  We want to be able to respond to the evolving needs of the families we serve and reach each and every one. Help us connect the 85 million people who have been affected by addiction.

Here is how you can help:

•Share your story by submitting short personalized videos on our You Tube channel

•Donate $5 to provide families tailored support through our helpline (1-855-Drugfree).

•Follow You Are Not Alone on Facebook and Twitter

For more information please visit:

Please help us ensure our resources reach every family in need…


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