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Down Syndrome Research Foundation

Empowering Individuals with Down Syndrome

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<p>The mission of the Down Syndrome Research Foundation is to empower individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential throughout life by pioneering and providing educational programs and services, grounded in foundational research. Working with researchers, professionals and families, we are a bridge between research and practice.</p> <p>At the Down Syndrome Research Foundation, we investigate best practices and initiate and participate in research studies to gain a better understanding of the learning styles of individuals with Down syndrome. Using behavioural assessments, we are gaining new insight into how people with Down syndrome see the world around them and process information. Such insights are enabling us to develop effective programs appropriate to each person - programs that maximize academic, social, health and language development.</p> <p>Our programs are continually evolving as we gain new understanding through our ongoing research. We offer a wide variety of educational opportunities to children and young adults with Down syndrome, including ground-breaking reading and communications programs, speech therapy, music in motion, summer school and transitions programs which prepare our students to live full and fulfilling lives.</p>