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Natalie Thamert's Fundraiser:

Water Lodge @ Sacred Stones

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BENEFITING: Ancient Order Of Druids In America


EVENT DATE: Dec 01, 2016

Natalie Thamert


ChenKen LuPi wrote -


is Sacred Stones great reservior of strength.  Before (S+S) I would try to be grateful, only it was an action; like a ritual.  Humility is the core of gratitude; something that remains sporatic and rare.  Humility; is not a sense of what you've accomplished, or your virtues, but a remedy of lineage -or- story which you are the tail end of destined to be the middle.


Grounding a Lodge for 'Water Service',


Sacred Stones 

isn't only about one pipeline, or one peoples, we're planning ahead and building up for all the waters of the world.   "Water Is Life" is a proclaimation, and a vocation.  There are plenty of Chores and challenges:) legal, techniqual & scholastic which are in need of some Compiling.


On Site:  Impromptu nature of 'Standing with Sacred Stones' has left the suggested order of operations influx.  Few camps have flowing water capacity, off-grid energy, outside supply squad, finances- many are insufficiently sheltered. 

The situation is not Dire, but it's real and trying.


Backyard maintenace: 

Nativia Proverb (Take care of your own back yard first).  It can seem like an honorable way to give straight to "Oceti Sacowin", or one of the 3 other camps, and it is.  However, if tribal leaders are having to focus on distributing central resources, creating harmony and refutiating DAPL.


Modular Abode:

Materials list.  We will be using round posts,(32) 8x4 insulation sheathing,~(48) 1/2 in ply, (64) 2x4's lumber, (16) floor joists, stone pads & blocks, a 2 hot plate stove, 2 round table doors.  Additionally, we'll be setting the perrimitor up as Desk/Bunk/ storage space.    


is descendent from indiginous recripical earth prayers.  Nearly every form of prayer commonly practiced today stems from N/S America continent including all the Abrahamic traditions, Asian paths, Pagan Practices and Norse & Greek Mythos.  Imperializm, very succinctly schredded Gallic Universities and Sanctuaries with at least two waves of violent persecution that hasn't ended.


Indentured Servants - wage and debt slavery are nothing new or creative fiduciary solutions: I.E.  Each indentured servant would have their fare across the Atlantic paid in full by their master. A contract was written  that stipulated the length of service — typically five years. The  servant would be supplied room and board while working in the master's  fields. Upon completion of the contract, the servant would receive  "freedom dues," a pre-arranged termination bonus. This might include  land, money, a gun, clothes or food. On the surface it seemed like a  terrific way for the luckless English poor to make their way to  prosperity in a new land. Beneath the surface, this was not often the  case. -


Energy - 

Looking to the Future, Sacred Stones and others need to Immediatly prepare better power solutions.  Wood Stoves that put out less smog which can gather about on cold low wind days.  Solar which is readily made clean and more perpetual than Human Societies... Wind seems to come at us in great abundance during the Winter months.  I have seen them Whirlling!  Oh, the rush.


Participate - Ask questions

Please, know there isn't a substitute for being an active participant in your life, company and world.  *All is open to those who earn and learn their way.  I can only do so much, those with me can do only so much, but standing together ought be about more than just standing.  We will ask you to get involved, but it's not just about meeting my particular ideals and goals, when we ditch out on Life, we're abandoning ourselves.  Stay on Task! 


 Mni Wiconi! 

Grand Master - 'Prince LuPi'


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