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The wedding my fiance deserves (but i cant afford)

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EVENT DATE: Oct 24, 2015


Thank you so much for taking the time to even look at my page!! I am looking for help to pay for the wedding that my bride to be desrves. I am starting a new business right now, and am not making enough to put away money fast enough to be able to pay for a wedding by next year. I am working weekends, and she is working two jobs to try to pay for as much as we can. We discussed doing a very moddest wedding, with only a few people, no DJ, and no fancy venue. She is absolutely in love with one of the venues we looked at, and I would love to suprise her (with your help) and be able to pay for that with the funds from this effort. I figure if we at least have a nice venue, we can make the best of the rest!! I cant thank you enough if you decide to help me out in making our special day just a little more special!!



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