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Turning My Life Around

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Daniel Vazquez III via Crowdrise
December 22, 2010

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Daniel Vazquez III


This is my journey to turning my life around. I started this journey Jul 2006 some people would call this a birthday due to the fact that i finally won the battle to my addiction to drugs. I was using for over 8yrs and had one of my several life changing moments to come. I have been drug free since Jul 2006 and it has been one of the best things that has happened to me. It was 6 months after that, and 2 othere events that made me realize i had another issue i had to deal with my weight. I had to evacuate my work building on a cold november morning and had to make what seemed like a normal walk to an average person but all had on my mind was the pain in my knees, back and how bad i needed to sit down and catch my breath. The other was while at work i was sitting in my chair and it broke this was a very embarrasing moment because everyone around me laughed at me. This was a very depressing moment that i tried to hide by making jokes about it but deep down i was really hurt and embarassed. At that point i weighed in close to 500lbs it was Jan 2007 when i decided to take control of my weight. I changed my eating habits and started what you hear everyone saying, "get moving". After 3 years of hard work, sweat, and alot of early mornings at the gym i have lost over 200lbs and feel like a totally different person. Although i have gotten this far i feel my journey is still not quite complete because everytime i look in the mirror i dont get to see the results of all the hardwork i have done. I look in the mirror and i see all of the excess skin that is a result of my excessive weight loss. I have gotten several consultations with plastic surgeons to complete my journey but insurance wont cover any of these surgeries and it is more money that I have. I recently have been blessed to find a surgeon that is willing to help me complete my journey. He is a very passionate surgeon, Dr. Robert Bonillas. He has offered to perform the surgeries while waiving his fees but i still need to pay for the surgery center and anesthesia. This is going to be a 3 stage process and is going to total $18,000.00. Once this part of my journey is complete i have 2 more goals. 1st one is to go skydiving and the 2nd one is to compete in a bodybuilding competition. As a result of my weight loss I am now a certified personal trainer and am helping others achieve their own goals as well. I would appreciate anything that you can help me with. Thank You, Danny



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