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Dylan's Determination

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Dorothy H. Satti wrote -

Dylan Thomas Kinsella’s story begins: Born at 25.6 weeks at a mere 1.5 pounds On an anxious filled day Monday, July 16th 2001 …..while I was now in my 11th straight day of intense unbearable labor … There was no stopping Dylan’s Grand Entrance…our tiny, every so fragile, beautiful baby boy was born at 3:36 pm !!!!! …Dylan Thomas Kinsella….. He was immediately wrapped in saran wrap ( as his skin was so thin he could barely maintain his body temp) I saw his little face for yet one quick glance and he was whisked away to have his tiny, fragile body be given every support measure to thrive and hopefully survive. It would be hours before we could see him….they worked hard and diligently to save this little micro preemie, our son Dylan Thomas Kinsella The hours passed which seemed like days……I had only known how to welcome a new baby with balloons ,flowers, champagne, good family and friends filled with excitement , wonder and great celebration…after all I am “Aunt Dot” and patiently waited my turn after 12 beautiful , strapping nieces and nephews…I was finally having a baby!!!!! Instead of Dylan being wheeled into my room with great excitement…. I was wheeled into the NICU by the love of my life, Bill to the side of Dylan’s isolate… all so seemed so surreal and so foreign….I met “his” Nurse…asking only one question…”How do I Do THIS” as I had no idea how to be the good mother of such a sickly child… barely holding onto life itself. Three days later I went home empty handed…but filled with great HOPE!!! Bill and I were inundated with so much information and told that the next few days are the “honeymoon” stage… There were days between…life and death… Dylan holding on…. As days grew into weeks. A milestone.. we could finally hold our baby boy. Four weeks old!! He now weighs two pounds GREAT Celebration!!! He seems Huge Week after week turned into milestones and months… Dylan’s a survivor with his determination, we share his story today He has grown strong with all that was given first and foremost by the March of Dimes….and then by all the love, support, and prayers of YOU!!!!


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Dorothy H. Satti

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March of Dimes Springfield

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