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Mkuseli Qupe's Fundraiser:

Each One Reach Five

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Mkuseli Qupe


There are many neglected schools in the township that require urgent attention. However, I began this initiative to help five (5) needy schools in townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The aim of this project is to equip these schools with fundamentals that are often not thought of as important but play a significant role in the development of children.

Our township schools are in horrifying conditions. These poor conditions range from sub-standard infrastructure to critical skills required by educators to deliver better in classrooms. I have taken this unilateral decision upon myself to help raise funds for these needy schools particularly serving to an impoverished community at large.

We often complain about rampant crime statistics in this country, unknown to us are the reasons behind such sordid deeds. We ask ourselves and colleagues, “What motivates someone to do such things?” or “How could someone do such a thing?”. It’s simple really- OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity gives a chance for advancement, progress or a favorable circumstance that could propel a being to achieve great things in life. A child without opportunity is a child with no future. Low-ability or disadvantaged children and students who have learning or attention disorders must work hardest to succeed. Yet, they often have the least incentive to do so, since high-ability students are the ones who receive the most positive feedback. It is important to note that when children experience many failures, their attitude toward learning often deteriorates. Although younger children are likely to make an effort to succeed, older children may view trying and not succeeding as more negative than making no effort at all.

A conservative estimate is that one in six children in school today has a parent who is dependent on or addicted to alcohol or other drugs. This family situation places these children at high risk for social and emotional problems, as well as for school failure, drug use and delinquency. Most of these children are not identified as being “at-risk” and therefore do not receive assistance. Schools, however, are a logical place to reach them.


Some children work hard to maintain the family’s appearance of being healthy; these students are typically the family placates and can be model students. Others may withdraw and appear to be invisible in a classroom of active children. These students internalize their pain and deny their needs and feelings. Still others are obviously troubled and act out their anger and frustration. They may play the role of the family scapegoat who diverts attention away from the parental drug use. Hence this project aims to uplift and restore the dignity of township schools. Moreover, to increase activities offered by the school as this will enhance both social and developmental skills.  



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