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Earth Cause

Earth Cause
CROWDRISE : Jan 18, 2016
Tax ID: 47-4992249
BASED: Rail Road Flat, CA, United States

Protect Life

One planet, one vision

  • Heart For Kenya

We are helping to develop and provide support to a children heart surgery team from Czech Republic and Slovakia who are once a year being deployed as volunteer mission to a hospital in Nairobi Kenya. This important medical deployment in eastern Africa is one of the few teams from the world providing crucial task with repairing surgeries to children with inborn heart defects coming from poor economic backgrounds, usually living in Slums.

The mission has been successfully running on volunteer basis since 2012, each year around fifteen children had repairing surgeries, in some cases of the defects the children will not survive adult age, this important mission is saving their lives.

Access to medical facilities and procedures in Africa is still a big challenge. Many of these children would die without a proper heart surgery treatment.

  • Cook4Refugee


The community of Cook4refugee has the agenda of preparing food by volunteers and supplying hot meals to refugees who are crossing or staying within a limited span from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Since the influx of refugees from middle-east and mostly Syria turned into an European crisis in the summer of 2015, the community of cook4refugee has provided and delivered around 5000 - 10000 portions of warm meal, at certain times it was mobile nightmare since the refugees were walking from Macedonia to Germany.

Tax ID: 47-4992249


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