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CROWDRISE : Feb 13, 2015
Tax ID: 46-4323642
BASED: Santa Monica, CA, United States


Healing The Planet...

The Earth Coco Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to make a positive impact on social justice, fair trade practices, sustainability and poverty. We seek to uplift, empower and transform the overlooked and disadvantaged in society towards attaining their full potential. Our humanitarian efforts improved the lives and living conditions for thousands of people in the last few years and with your help we aim to help thousands more. We believe that a few can make a difference for many.

What We Do...

The Earth Coco foundation believes in direct assistance through community driven programs so that the people in need, farmers and their families can gain ownership over the projects and resources they are involved with. We also guide our communities to contribute towards the goal of prolonged sustainability and fair trade practices in their areas. We are proud to be the voice for those less fortunate and a continued source for inspiration and equality in the Philippines and beyond.

The Earth Coco Foundation is making positive inroads toward improving the social and economic well being of its co-op farmer partners and their extended families through successful programs in educational outreach, disaster relief, vocational training and assistance in obtaining recognized certification in organic farming techniques. We take pride in giving back to farmers, families, and their communities.

Our foundation is committed to community empowerment and sustainability by providing resources, labor, educational support and outreach programs that are specifically designed to link local Filipino communities with local and international donors.The Earth Coco Foundation also seeks to support the healing journey of individuals and communities who are survivors of natural disasters, abuse and abandonment. We believe in the acknowledgement and elimination of suffering and injustice as a well-founded response to help restore the dignity and well being of all people and their communities.

Tools Schools Program

Our annual “Tools for Schools” Drive is a collaborative effort by Earth Coco where local sponsors and other NGO's enhance the life and learning potential of school children in the Philippines. By distributing school supplies and learning tools to those in desperate need. This program is aimed at not only having an immediate impact on these children but having a long term effect and lasting change on young minds of the future.

This years Tools for Schools drive will expand to seven schools with the building of additional class rooms, donating supplies and putting teachers back to work. We help thousand of students that need basics such as writing tools, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases and other supplementary books. We also have plans drawn up and mayoral permission for a school building project later this year. With the help of an international volunteer group we are going to build an amazing school and community center to show our dedication to the local communities and farmer we work with.

Typhoon Rebuilding Program

For the last two years the Philippines and other Pacific island nations suffered massive damages and disruptions to basic human services due to consecutive super typhoons. These were actually the largest typhoons in recorded history and many remote areas are still suffering to this day.

Immediately during and after the disaster, the Earth Coco Foundation was on location and helping out its neighbors and communities. As part of the community where we do business, we have a commitment to the wild harvest farmers and their communities to help improve their living conditions and promote fair trade practices. We rebuilt dozens of homes and communities that were decimated during the massive typhoons. We helped many farmers, locals, school districts, teachers, and children get back to a regular daily routine.

We are committed to the people of the Philippines and we stand with them in the face of natural disasters and tribulations, this was our mission when we started our foundation back in 2011. Thank you for all of your generous contributions, efforts, and well wishes during this difficult time. We are grateful for all the donations and humanitarian support we received in our rebuilding efforts, together we made a difference and affected thousands of lives.

Help Us Give Back to Humanity and The Planet.

Tax ID: 46-4323642 •


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