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Earth Innovation Institute

Earth Innovation Institute
CROWDRISE : May 19, 2014
Tax ID: 27-3444564
BASED: San Francisco, CA, United States


Our Mission

Reducing Deforestation in the Tropics


The world's tropical forests are under threat. Millions of acres of trees are cut down or burned each year to create new farm and pasture land for cattle ranching, oil palm plantations, and other crops. Deforestation from agricultural expansion is increasing at an alarming rate and, as it does, it threatens biodiversity and displaces indigenous people who depend on forests. 

Tropical deforestation is both one of the leading causes of global climate change — releasing more carbon than all of the world's cars and buses combined — and also one of the main levers we can pull right now to begin to solve climate change. 


There is still time to steer many of the world’s tropical forest regions toward sustainable development - avoiding carbon emissions, and keeping forests and fisheries intact, all while increasing food, fuel, fiber, and feed production.


Earth Innovation Institiute catalyzes low-emission rural development through innovative approaches to sustainable farming, forestry and fisheries in the tropics. We bring groups, who don’t often work together, to the table in order to design solutions that can make a real difference in terms of reducing deforestation and mitigating climate change while also leveling the playing field for small-scale farmers. Our goal is a transformation of the rural development model to one that protects the planet will advancing livelihoods.


Tax ID: 27-3444564 •


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