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East Central Ministries, Inc.

East Central Ministries is a community living out our faith values of justice and compassion with our marginalized neighbors in Albuquerque's International District.


East Central Ministries (ECM) is a holistic, inclusive, faith-based community development ministry located in Albuquerque's International District. Founded in 1999, the organization's mission is to forge a long-term relationship with the area's residents and through education, leadership development, social enterprise, community-building, and responding to community-identified needs, to partner with them to overcome issues of poverty, racism, and marginalization. ECM is home to a variety of complementary programs, designed to work together for holistic neighborhood revitalization. These programs currently include youth development programs, a food cooperative, an affordable housing cooperative, an urban farm social enterprise, a thrift store, placemaking initiatives, a low-cost healthcare center, and community classes on personal development and fitness.