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CROWDRISE : Feb 26, 2014
Tax ID: 27-5548684
BASED: Westville, OK, United States


Help find the missing

To have Nationally trained K9 teams to help find/locate someone's lost loved one (s). To be able to go where ever we are called upon, NEVER charging for any of our services.

Our K9 search and rescue/recovery is made up of team members that come from all walks of life from stay at home moms to parimedics. We all are very passionate about the dedication that goes into the training that is needed to have a K9 team ready for a call. We are on call 24/7/365 and will travel where ever we are needed. Our first priority is to help find/locate the missing but when we are called for a disaster and have any downtime our dogs are also trained to be able to go into shelters to put a smile on someone in need or maybe just a hug. Our K9 teams are ready for whatever is placed in our path. We all feel as this is our mission and are blessed to be able to called upon for our services. We have been on searches that no others would take and have helped bring closure to families. Disasters that when a small child was scared was able to hug a big fuzzy dog for comfort. Searches that have made each of us smile when a family member is reunited with that lost loved one. Again NEVER charging for what we all believe is our calling.

Tax ID: 27-5548684 •


K9's helping find/locate the lost or missing loved one

K9's helping find/locate the…

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