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Eau Claire to Thailand

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EVENT DATE: Jun 22, 2012

Kristen Raney


A small team of educators from Eau Claire, WI is traveling to Thailand to increase culturally awareness of Hmong students enrolled in our schools. The trip will include service learning opportunities. A Fund for Teachers grant is paying for two of these team members.

The team wants to include a school staff member who works closely with Hmong students and parents. We also need help navigating Thailand and establishing connections to schools. Kou Moua, an ELL teacher’s aid, has been asked to join the team.  

Kou arrived in Eau Claire from the Ban Vinai Refugee Camp, Thailand, in 1987. He grew up with his family on a farm in Laos, but when he was eight, his family had to flee the Communists and escape across the Mekong River to Thailand.

Kou speaks Thai and Hmong, and he understands the cultural nuances the other team members do not. But the grant money does not provide any money for Kou’s expenses, so we are working hard to raise the funds needed for Kou to travel with the team. His background, professional experiences, and community connections make him a critical member of this collaborative project. Please help us raise the money we need to cover Kou’s expenses.



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