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As a child I was a Spanish speaker who was looked down upon everyone.  Moving from the east side of Salinas, California to Porterville, California at the age of six had to be the most significant time of my life.  The reason for this is because I had to adapt to a society where I was the outsider for not knowing the English language and for not appearing like everyone else.  When we arrived in Porterville we did not have much money.  Having only one working parent due to my mother’s disability was very difficult. I was often laughed at by others for always wearing the same clothes for multiple times in a week.  Not only was I mocked for my clothes, but for the thick Mexican accent that I had as I talked to others. Being a young girl at the time, this made me feel insecure about myself.  I realized as I matured that I would not let others make me feel miserable.  After months of mocking, I could no longer handle the insults so I decided to learn the English Language. I remember reading these short stories about Scooby Doo that I would recite every day.  Once I was able to perfectly read them I would move on to something more difficult.  Today in life, I have mastered the English Language and if you were to hear me talk it would seem as if English was my very first language.  I realized after learning English, that I needed a second goal in life which was to truly prove everyone wrong and pursue a higher education.  I would do this to advance to a university in the future.  As I entered high school, I had a few setbacks due to family issues at home.  These issues made it difficult for me to focus on my studies.  I began my sophomore year in high school and my science teacher Mrs. Wagner, who had been my teacher before in seventh and eighth grade year, guided me in becoming a university bound student.  She helped me cope with the issues at home, and thought me how to manage my life in order do well in school. I have faced many hardships in life but I have not let them stopped me from being successful.  I have taken these hardships and have turned them into something that motivates me into becoming extraordinary in life.  The Perlman Foundation Scholarship will be a blessing not only for my university years but for my whole life entirely.  The Perlman Foundation Scholarship's guidelines and assistance will help me achieve in becoming the successful student that I want to become.  I am in need of assistance not only financially but also in need of the guidance from Perlman Foundation's to help me better my life in order to improve my future.




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