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Carrie Picard's Fundraiser:

Salute a Veteran, Sponsor a Puppy

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Let us share just one example with you.

Phil Bauer’s helicopter was shot down over Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. Most of his comrades were killed. Phil survived, but lost a leg and returned home with PTSD, depression, anger, and pain. All so severe he did not know how he would get through each day much less live his life.

Through ECAD’s Project HEAL, Phil met Reese, now his Service Dog and full time assistant. Phil’s life is dramatically different. In addition to ensuring that Phil is up and ready for work at ECAD every day,

* Reese helps Phil by retrieving items like his prosthetic leg, even the cell phone or keys, and when the pain is very bad, Reese will pull Phil’s wheelchair.
* Reese helps with laundry by loading the washer and dryer.
* Reese sees to it that he and Phil have their own space in a crowded area.
* Reese can sense an on-coming flashback or nightmare so he nuzzles Phil, bringing calm.
* Reese is constantly giving unconditional love and comfort.

Reese, who literally brought life back to Phil, only cost the veteran a $500.00 commitment fee. This is because of ECAD’s Project HEAL program.

The actual cost of educating and raising Reese over a two-year period is $25,000. $750,000 for the 30 that are now working Service Dogs for ECAD’s Project HEAL graduates.

$25,000 is the price to give a life of opportunities back to a soldier who risked it all. Additionally, Phil is already giving back, as are so many of ECAD’s Project HEAL graduates. Phil is assisting in the education of Service Dogs like Reese, while acting as a role model and teacher for the at-risk students who educate the dogs as part of the ECADemy Program.

ECAD’s Project HEAL relies totally on donations. Individuals, corporations, and foundations are responsible for contributing every dollar that went toward the education of Reese and other Service Dogs like him. Each dollar donated changes three lives: the veteran, the student, and the dog.

Hope, a beautiful Golden Retriever, recently gave birth to a litter of six puppies. Each is named for a Wounded Warrior and graduate of ECAD’s Project HEAL. These puppies are already being educated to be just like Reese, so they can help someone like Phil.

Salute a Veteran ----- Sponsor a Puppy --- Give Hope Back to our Wounded Warriors.

They need you.



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