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Lagos Nigeria
Stuff About Me:


I am passionate about the well-being of poor children especially orphans in orphage homes. I have visited a few in Nigeria and discovered amazing and openly affectionate kids who have never enjoyed the joys of family but seem to have learned how to "milk" joy out of whatever little pleasures their circumstances offer. It just humbles me to see.

As if that wasn't bad enough, from my research, a majority of these orphanages are under-staffed and under-funded, leaving most of their wards under-fed and under-nourished.. I have had a compelling vision to feed orphans in orphanages as well as those in indigent communities for a very long time, but the stronger pull has been to help the most food-needy orphanages in Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Togo. I believe I cannot meet this goal on my own like I have been doing since the 80s when I visited my very first orphanage in Owerri, the capital city of one of the south eastern states in Nigeria.                              

I am a Prolific Author, Preacher and Psalmist, and the CEO of Garden of God Publishing. I am called and trained in the Living Word Ministries and CAPRO School of Missions. I have tried to use my works to draw attention to my causes like child sexual abuse, child addiction, traumatic widowhood, and the like. Having a multi-faceted ministry spanning over 27 years has widened my access to the people I want to help better. I would like you to help me raise 100,000 Cartons of Noodles for 100 Orphanages in Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Togo in West Africa by funding the "ECHO" APOSTLE TJN URHOBO LIVE IN CONCERT in Lagos (Nigeria), Cotonou (Benin Republic), and Lome (Togo). Please, let's make my "ECHO" APOSTLE TNJ URHOBO LIVE IN CONCERT an incredibly powerful ally in raising awareness to my orphans, mobilizing financial and skill support, and to reach more orphanages and communities in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo who have chlidren they simply can't feed.

Here's a little bit about myself:

I am also a gifted Speaker, a Christian Rights Advocate, Marriage/Family Counselor, and Personal Development Mentor. As a Psalmist and Composer, I haave written several poems and songs like the inspirational classic The Minstrel and the Flute. Here is an ercept, I hope you don't mind...


She called and caressed the yielding skin of my soul.

Unlike the siren, she laid no siege.

Her confusing innocent appearance concealed

A deep knowledge of the song of seduction.

And as the minstrel, her master, her slave

Manipulated her to play the notes that gave her fame

She played the temptress.


Teasing and taunting.

Sonorous in sweetness.

Fluid and flowing

As her audience glowed

And her dancers slowed down

To the tempered rhythm of her chords.


Through her narrow channels she poured forth her core.

Her streamlined form housed the fat, the oil, the harmony.

Wholesome delicacies which nourish the heart;

The seat, the throne room of my being

Are stored in her miniature stalls.


She is like a feather in the loving hands of her enthralled bondman

As they engage in a long, deep kiss

Whose fruits are melodies of peace

And throb after throb of ecstasy.


He blew into her the breath of life.

She came alive and swirled around him as he dreamed...


There's lots more at 

I am very much married to a wonderfully generous person, the gifted sports & fitness expert, Mr. Toni Urhobo. And I just love arts & craft, books, reading & writing, cooking and food, sports, the cosmos and nature, traveling and beautiful places, singing and music.   



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