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Since 1990, in different towns of Togo and Benin, ECHOPPE has helped women and farmers to fight poverty and become autonomous.

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By providing multiple small loans to women - single mothers or others- for a duration of 4 to 5 years, ECHOPPE helps these persons begin or reinforce their small businesses. The logic behind the practices of ECHOPPE is that poverty can be reduced by having confidence in poor people and by providing economic opportunities that can both reinforce their capacities to rebound from poverty and advance in society. First loans by ECHOPPE are provided without guaranties other than being sent by a friend, another instituation, etc. It provides a sort of bank service for those who really have nothing else; no guaranties, no savings required, nor mortgages or even a participation in a group. "The women who come to ECHOPPE don't know how they will feed their children in the evening. They no longer have confidence in others, no do others have confidence in them", says founder Beverly Ott. The funds are loaned on confidence - a first building block in a whole process of insertion from poverty. 

In addition, ECHOPPE is expanding their efforts to go beyond helping not only the women but also the rural farmers who are in need of an outlet to sell their crops. See our fundraiser "Buying a Truck!" further down the page for more details!