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Our work with major national organizations in health, faith, higher education, local communities, and business is three years old. To date we have enlisted 28 major national organizations to work with us, and 18 more will join our network soon. These institutions have constituents in every county of America. Here are just a few of them: In Health, our network includes the American Psychological Association; the American Public Health Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics; the American Medical Student Association; the National Hispanic Medical Association; the Alliance of Nurses for Health Environments, and many others!  In Faith, our network includes the African Methodist Episcopal Church (see our collaborative informational video and the AME Church's resulting climate  pledge here:; the National Latino Evangelical Coalition; the United Church of Christ; the Episcopal Church; the American Baptist Church; and many others. For local communities our network includes the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative; ICLEI USA; Utah Clean Energy; as well as projects in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles  (see our collaboration with Climate Resolve here:  In each case we work closely with our institutional partner to find the best ways to reach and inspire their constituents--be it in the pews on Sunday, in the pediatrician's office, or through a concert or awards program--with positive, actionable guidance to show them we can live, work, and vote in a way that will shape a better world for future generations.  We start with people and link climate solutions to the things they value--family, faith, jobs, health, community.  We show them how their behavior--at home, at work, and in the voting booth--can benefit everything they care about. We have already begun so many of the agenda items on the Roadmap: We are not waiting for formal government decrees; we are building a new model of outreach and action where everyone can be a doer; we are making climate solutions available to everyday Americans, showing them how their actions can change the future for the better; we are working closely with Latinos, African Americans, and other communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change (see the results of our National Latino Climate Forum here:; we are identifying best practices and models (see one winner of our Solution Generation award here: We also measure our progress by surveying the attitudes and behavior vis a vis climate of the people who work with us, before and after our collaboration has begun! Finally, we bring all of these leaders across sectors (faith, health, business, local communities, and higher education) to share best practices and inspiration at the nation's largest annual climate solutions gathering (Watch and listen to "Our Leaders Speak" at last year's annual summit here: We are building a movement--a grassroots movement from the grass tops down, expanding the base of people who care about climate change and will do something about it. We are reaching millions of Americans outside the constituencies of typical environmental organizations, because we are speaking to them in a language they embrace, through the leaders they trust in the places they live, work, play and pray.




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