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Economic and Community Development Institute, Inc. Tax ID 31-1145544


The mission of Economic and Community Development Institute is investing in people to create measurable and enduring social and economic change.

ECDI believes in entrepreneurs. We began with a goal to level the playing field and make capital available to a wider demographic that was underserved financially, but who had abundant passion with little in the way of access to financial resouces or business models. We knew there was a need to create and provide products that would put this passion to work in the our community. Today we are throughout the state of Ohio with offices in Columbus, Cleveland and Toledo. And are proud to have created and sustained 2000 businesses and 4000 jobs.

ECDI People: Through education and grant programs, ECDI People supports individuals and families as they seek to achieve financial stability.

ECDI Business: Here we partner with entrepreneurs by providing resources, tools, and support designed to increase their chances of success.

ECDI Capital: Provides opportunity to small, local business owners through flexible financial products, including small business loans and grants, spurring business start-ups and expansion and new job creation.