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The eCS Therapy Center has found our mission: We're the first medical cannabis organization focused on providing social services to medical cannabis patients. Building upon a strong peer-education foundation model, we'll be offering C.M.E. through Public education beginning immediately! Help eCS Therapy Help Many!

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The eCS Therapy Center opened our first office in September 2015 in Peoria, IL.  Now we're in the midst of relocating to a new larger facility.  In Illinois and across the country, The eCS Therapy Center is expanding rapidly--more quickly than we can comprehend--and we need your help to do so successfully!

Our initial focus has been on developing a core Peer-Education Team.  Now between Peer-Educators in Peoria and a growing number working remotely across the country, eCS Therapy is poised to release our internal core training program as a "Medical Cannabis Professional Certification!"  An educated step-up from Budtender to Medical Cannabis Professional!  Nearly 100% of the curriculum is C.M.E. and C.E.U. accredited for medical professionals, meaning it's a solid educational opportunity for patients, caregivers, and professionals seeking a credible resource for cannabis education.  

Additionally, over the course of 2016, our Peer-Education Team will begin launching community educational workshops and seminars, including subjects like Talking to Your Doctor about Medical Cannabis, Engaging the Endocannabinoid System (eCS), Senior Health and Medical Cannabis--and many more!  

From public education to accredited professional training our focus is on changing the way people think about cannabis, to remove the prohibitionist lens they view this issue through.  As a by-product of eCS Therapy Educational Initiatives, we hope to open communication between physicians and patients, help create informed consumers, as well as empower chronically and terminally ill citizens.  

Our future objectives will continue to focus on education, as well as community-based research projects vital to learning more about cannabis therapies!  The first studies eCS Therapy has been involved in will soon become public (Summer 2016).

Additional achievements by The eCS Therapy:

  • April 2nd we will be hosting our first eCS Community Health Fair. Currently our supporting vendors include:  Naturally Your Market, Illinois Regional Pain Clinic, Dr. Sam Hendricks, Chiropractor, Stress Busters, High Heels in Combat Boots, The Care Continuum, Senior Care Network, 50 News and Views, Advocates for Access, A.D.A Total Access, and more than 15 more!  
  • Also on April 2nd, eCS Therapy begins teaching courses at Illinois Community College with “Talking to Your Doctor about Medical Cannabis” (Repeat June 4th)
  • April 21st, eCS Therapy will present before the Greater Peoria Claims Association.
  • May 4th-8th Regina Nelson, CEO of The eCS Therapy Center will present at the Integral European Conference about medical cannabis public policy in a peer-reviewed presentation entitled: AQAL: Untangling an Egregious Social Wrong.
  • May 14th eCS Therapy presents “Senior Health and Medical Cannabis” at I.C.C. North Campus, Peoria
  • May 17th, eCS Therapy will present before the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Council.
  • Talking with Your Doctor/Patient about Medical Cannabis:  Soft cover is now available on Amazon and may be co-branded for supporting organizations for as little as $3 per copy. 
  • programs across the state.  Please reach out if interested in targeting your area. 
  • The April edition of 50 News and Views (Peoria to Bloomington Senior-focused magazine) will include an article entitled: Talking with Your Doctor about Medical Cannabis.

On the national front:

  • In Colorado plans have been made and changed several times, Mark Pedersen is now spending his time in Denver fettering out an eCS Therapy Community Center and office space!  We've tuggled with whether Denver or Colorado Springs and we're hoping both may work out, but expanding this rapidly means we must have support and the financial resources to act in multiple locations!  eCS Therapy meets patients remotely or by home visit but a permanent location would be a dream come true!
  • Recently, opportunity and funding have been pledged to eCS Therapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  For those of you familiar with my story, I first became a patient in New Mexico and know from that experience the struggle new patients encounter in a pilot program similar to Illinois’ current program.  We’ve received support from friends in New Mexico including Herbal Edibles and Kurple Magazine.  Educational events in Albuquerque and Santa Fe will be executed before year end!
  • Additionally, opportunity and funding have been pledged to eCS Therapy in Tucson, Arizona.  eCS Therapy Board Members Kim Williams and Dana Zygmunt of Tumbleweeds Health Center legend are leading efforts to open eCS Therapy in Tucson in 2016!  Waco Starr has already completed eCS Therapy Training and will be taking a lead role in Team development!  Educational events in Tucson and Phoenix will be executed before year end!
  • Nationally eCS Therapy is seeking support for “Cost per mg” and “Cannabis Dosing Model” Campaigns that inform consumers and help assure positive results with cannabis therapy.

On the international front:

  • eCS Therapy has already begun training Peer-Educators in Australia.  An online fundraising campaign will be launched soon!  Our initial fundraising goal will provide for non-profit incorporation, exploration, development of a Board of Directors, and a three-week educational extravaganza in October 2016!

I recognize this is a lot to digest in an update or an introduction from The eCS Therapy Center.  We’ve been growing and moving forward very rapidly with little funding or support, but feel confident that our educational programs are strong.  The support from local and national medical leadership validates this belief and is refreshing given the challenges the industry faces around the globe.  We stand apart because our values are different than most!  The eCS Therapy Center is patient-led and patient-driven.  Our funding situation is shifting as well, which only makes this easier and more exciting! 

If you believe in this new concept in medical cannabis, because it’s tried, true and familiar in healthcare, please reach out to get involved with our activities or to take advantage of services available to business owners supporting eCS Therapy.  But, first, become a MEMBER—Join eCS Therapy!  Share in our success!

Note:  The eCS Therapy Center is 100% public funded and the above eCS Therapy achievements, plus Cannabis Patient Network Institute's 2015 donations of more than $50,000 in cannabis medicine (in Colorado) were accomplished on less than $30,000 in contributions.  Zero of these contributions were from within the cannabis industry!  

Why Support The eCS Therapy Center?

•Patient-Led, Patient-Driven Organization

•Board of Directors; Nationally-Renowned and Research-Dedicated

•National Presence with Local Effect

•Innovative Peer-Education Foundation

•Tax Deductible Donations