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Sandy Reeves' Fundraiser:

Ed Gray has been called away. Camp and Inky need a new place to stay!

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Sandy Reeves


Norwood Creech wrote -

While Ed Gray may have been called away,

too soon, I might add, and so sad to say,

his dogs still need somebody who'll play

with them inside on those wet rainy days,

and out when it's sunny, walking, wagging,

learning sit, come and stay.


We don't want Camp and Inky to have any regrets,

Nor should Ed, as he has unexpectedly left his two pets.

Love is required - plus food, shelter and rest,

We seek a new home that will be for their best.


We've started this campaign, to help out these two,

to ensure their future, we are counting on you.

Please donate whatever you can toward their care,

Remember, it costs nothing to post to social media and share.


Let’s rally the troops and do what we can,

To help Ed’s dogs find a safe place to land.

All monies will go to Camp, and to Inky,

And once they are homed, will help those, even more needy.


Thank you for reading, it shows you care.

Thank you to Ed, who put a lot of love out there.

He rescued many a stray, be it man or be beast.

Now Ed has gone with the four winds;

north, west, south and east.


The universe has retaken its stardust man,

We feel we must do, all that we can,

To ensure his beloved, Inky and Camp,

Have the best that they can, and always smile when they pant.


Please Note: All donations will go towards the care of Camp and Inky while in the care of Rock City Rescue, until they find their new home.

After which, monies donated to Rock City Rescue, in Ed’s name, will go to support those in need, by helping to offer services to the community, and to help people who can't afford it, or have trouble affording it spay/neuter their dogs and cats.

If you are interested in adopting Camp and Inky, please contact casey Carter at Rock City Rescue in Little Rock.

For more information contact: Rock City Rescue, 2513 McCain Blvd, Ste 2, #176 North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116-7606

Again, warmest thanks for your donations, adoption offers, and shares.


For more information on Ed's passing:


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George and Melissa Markham

George and Melissa Markham

2 years ago

Sandy Reeves

Sandy Reeves

Rest peacefully knowing Camp and Inky will be taken care of. 2 years ago