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ED Breakthrough

Organized by: Wiliam Hayes

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Erectile Dystfunction Breakthrough
February 23, 2016

Is common sense and logic the same thing? You tell me. Recently I stumbled on a devise that made a lost erection resurrect itself. I went to See More


Is common sense and logic the same thing? You tell me. Recently I stumbled on a devise that made a lost erection resurrect itself. I went to my practitioner and said Dr. I have an application that will give me an erection almost instantly. She said, what is it. I said a pressure band placed on the base of your penis will make it get hard. She said every Dr. knows that. I said why is it that they have not put something on the market to reflect that finding. She said What! And put all the pharmaceuticals, paraphernalia, pumps, injections and people who sell herbs out of business. Why would they do that, when they are making billions selling their product and services. Logic tells me if that was true they would give me 500 million to buymy invention out. Common sense tells me to test the waters. It Here! A blood flow pressure band that will force your blood to flow uphill, harden your penis and stay hard until you ejaculate. The problem here is I don’t have the money to publicize this find and get paid. I am offering a few smart people an opportunity to donate $200,000 in return for twice that amount or more in return, if I am right. The window of opportunity is just as valid as trying to win the billion-dollar lottery with a greater chance for success. I’m selling this break through band for $100 each because: You don't need to wait for it to kick in to get an erection. You don't need pills to send blood to that area after your being stimulated 20 minutes ago. You don’t need to stay hard for 4 hours if you only last 15 minutes, but you can get hard again by putting it back on over and over again for at least 30 or more times. I know cause I am still using it. How many pills does that translate money into. 30 x $13 = $390 and counting. If it fails, did you throw your money away? NO! How many lottery tickets have you thrown away without a return, yet continue to play. Wake up people! This is not a Ponsey scheme but a legitimate shot at getting paid. I am not a greedy man and only need $200,000 to get stablelized and in position to offer it to the world at this bargain price. When that goal has been reached It will no longer be available without the aforementioned companies buying us out. We stand to make millions without them. With them, they will cut to the chase to buy us out or go out of business. I don't want a lot of donators but for the entrepreneur buying in at $100 per .1 of 1. percent (=$1000 per share. ) They stand to make a fortune very quickly. This is not for the big guns that have so much money they can invest without the fear of loss, (they can write it off) but for the little guys like us looking for an opportunity get paid. To enhance this offer I will send everyone donating $100 my BFB BloodFlowBand to try or sell. It is a win, win situation for all who partake because you will have your money back with as much risk, as paying for something that has as much chance of working as Calais. If you have more than one, sell it and get paid immediately. Just thinking that you were a part of the production and promtion of a history making devise that will change the medical community of Erectile Dysfunction is worth more than any other investment you can make. No side effects, No Meds. No Dr. visits for prescriptions, No time wasted on Pumps, Injections or Herbs. This is the real deal. A breakthrough so simple to use it won’t even require Government or FDA approval. Because of medical safe guards you cannot return this product. But you will be more than happy to keep it, passing it on to some one you know can use it. Do it for them and the knowledge that you gave them a (sexual) life again. All stocks will be null and void and reimburst two years after financial goals have been met.


Organized by

Wiliam Hayes

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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