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EDS Today is proud that we've always been staffed 100% by dedicated volunteers. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a genetic connective tissue (collagen) disorder that can be inherited or due to a spontaneous mutations. This causes a defect in the synthesis of collagen, a protein in connective tissue. These mutations (defects) cause fragility throughout the whole body; skin, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels and visceral organs. It's the connective tissues which arelike glue that gives the body it's strength and strong structure.EDS can cause debilitating/ chronic pain, joint dislocations, arterial/organ ruptures and dissections can occur at any time. There six different types of EDS which can vary from mildly loose (hypermoble) joints to life-threatening complications. 


EDS Today has worked tirelessly on outreach, advocacy, support and helping to raise funds for scientific EDS research. It is our HOPE to bring recognition, identification and a correct diagnosis for all those affected. It's estimated that 90% of those affected never receive a proper diagnosis or treatment within their lifetime. In many cases knowing about EDS can make all the difference between life and death.  We are also fully aware that the ONLY way to dramatically improve the future and the quality of life for the EDS patient is through RESEARCH. We are committed to this goal!


To learn more visit our website. Thank you!