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CROWDRISE : Jan 10, 2013
Tax ID: 20-8816602
BASED: Boston, MA, United States


Educate one Child

Educate one Child, Empower a Community...and Transform our World by investing in poor youths' education. CEF’s goal is to take action, to ensure things will change to break the poverty cycle and give our youth meaningful choices and opportunities in this world.

The Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) helps poor children gain meaningful access to quality education in Jamaica and remaining Caribbean. Public High Schools ARE NOT FREE in Jamaica! CEF awards Scholarships to brilliant children in financial need so they can attend high school. Our Paul Bogle Scholarships pays school fees, text books, school supplies, transportation and lunch. Student Scholarships are renewable each year if the criteria are met of good grades and regular attendance.


PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS ARE NOT FREE IN JAMAICA. Every day thousands of children are on the streets instead of attending school. On the surface, it may appear that these 11 and 12-year old children do not wish to attend school, but that is farthest from the truth. Many of the children are brilliant and passed their exams, but are unable to attend public high schools, because destitute families cannot afford school costs. It costs $1,500 U.S. to send 1 child to public high school.


Your donation will help CEF provide scholarships to 20 children. CEF provides meaningful access to public education to thousands of brilliant, poor children. Our Paul Bogle Scholarships fund each child for the entire school year. It pays their text books, school supplies, uniforms, transportation and lunch. The scholarship is renewable each year, if the student is maintains the required criteria: good grades, at least a B average; daily attendance and good moral character.


CEF's goal is to take action to empower children with quality education and enable youth to help themselves. This will in turn break the poverty cycle and give our youth meaningful choices and opportunities in this world.

CEF has already awarded 50 student scholarships in excess of $60,000 U.S. dollars to brilliant, under-served students in Jamaica in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. It plans to continue to help many more children.


Tax ID: 20-8816602 •


Send-A-Girl to High School in Jamaica

Send-A-Girl to High School i…

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