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Educate-Trade Create Corp.

Educate-Trade Create Corp.
CROWDRISE : Jun 03, 2014
Tax ID: 46-4188953
BASED: Chicago, IL, United States



Education is the key to success.

Educate-Trade-Create, a Non-Profit Corporation founded by commodity traders know that education is the key to success.  We are on a mission to stress financial literacy in the classroom for all students in our society and we have created and donated student workbooks, teacher manuals and books.  We want to give this economic opportunity to all students and spawn financially responsible people.

In addition, since our headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois we know that the youth is so entrenched in their electronics and there is a major problem with no interaction with NATURE, which is bad for our society.  Child psychologists have stated that obesity, depression and attention disorders directly come from "nature deficit".   

So lets do something about that! Lets build a haven for urban kids.  Lets build a camp where kids and parents do not have to worry about the violent city streets and have our youth learn about nature and where our food and meat supply comes from.  Lets build an educational camp so the youth learns to respect for their parents, themselves and Mother Earth.  That is what we are working on.  Lets give these kids a chance to experience something positive in their lives.  

We have 45 acres of pure beautiful nature in Dixon, Illinois and we need your donation to build the following: 

10 Basic Log Cabins- Soccer/Football Fields- Basketball/Tennis Courts

Farming and livestock section-Semi Permanent Tent for indoor activities

Lastly, we want to offer all kids at least a week every year to get away to learn, enjoy and just be kids.

Tax ID: 46-4188953 •


Educate-Trade-Create, Corporation

Educate-Trade-Create, Corpor…

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