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Education purposes

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EVENT DATE: Sep 11, 2016

Vadim Vasilchenko


Hello everybody! My name is Vadim. I’m 18-years-old student of Russian Chemical University named after D. Mendeleev, the creator of periodical table of elements. And now I’m trying to launch my own start-up project. The severe reality is that you can’t afford yourself to have even a little bit sum of money for your existence. I’m very young so you tell me “So what! Go work, man”. And you will be right. But you are right only at a glance. The matter is that being a student you are not able to work and receive, for example, 700$ per month. It’s not a big sum to set a goal for all in all, but rather enough for me to live right away. Now I'm going to do my own business but I can't even afford myself to eat healthy food, because this type of food is rather expensive for me at Moscow, what's more, I can't even buy a video camera and give some money away to tech specialist to make my own channel and web-site. As I said before, to work now is very difficult for students, because our efforts are not valuable. Now I'm going to enrol for some entrepreneur courses to become smarter at entrepreneurship to be able to earn enough money for living. So, I strongly need in some support from you! I’m raising just 500$ - it’s not big money for you to give me, but for me it’s a big sum of money (mainly due to the course ratio of rubbles to dollars). The courses cost 350$, and 150$ - money for me to eat and live for. If you’re reading this, please, help me and donate some money!



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Vadim is working on selecting a charity so you can support Education purposes.