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The mission of Education Access Network ("EAN") is to provide students with free and affordable access to courses and programs aimed at helping them prepare for and succeed in higher education and other academic endeavors. EAN believes that limited financial resources should never restrict a student’s access to educational opportunities.

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Goal Statement       


Education Access Network aims to instill in its students the six core competencies below.

These important core competencies are an integral part of EAN's educational programs and essential for fostering personal accountability so that students can make informed academic decisions and create opportunities for themselves.

In order to reach these goals, EAN provides students with access to the following:

Free and low cost educational services such as workshops, courses, and programs.

Instructors that are dedicated community volunteers, students, and educational consultants from various cultural, economic, educational, and professional backgrounds.

Quality textbooks, materials, and lesson plans developed by EAN and reputable commercial educational providers such as KAPLAN, Research & Education Association, Gruber's, Peterson's Thompson Learning, and others.

Exposure to a higher education environment (e.g., workshops, classes, and programs are typically held on a college or university campus.)



Partnerships and Collaborations

Although Education Access Network has an open enrollment policy so that all students can participate in its programs, EAN has entered into partnerships and collaborations with organizations and schools in order to provide educational services such as test preparation, subject review (math, writing, science, etc.), and college admission related classes and workshops. As part of its mission, EAN will continue to work directly with schools and organizations dedicated to working with students who need access to free and low cost educational services.