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Educational Center for children from Rp. of Moldova

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Alina Iacubovschi


Although Rp. of Moldova is having some things to be prod about it is still the poorest country in Europe. I am coach and trainer for self-development from Moldova living in Germany and since 2 years ago I started to give free self-development lessons ( communication, leadership, self-discipline, self-awareness) for teens in schools of Rp. of Moldova. Children are amazing and ready to receive any information that will help them to be happy and successful in life. But the educational system in Moldova has not enough resources and unfortunately most of children don’t have access to the correct, updated, specialized information. There are plenty of schools where they don’t have internet connection, or instead of learning useful programs, they are still learning old and unnecessary information (Ex: Pascal programing language). A teacher in Moldova is earning 80 euro/month as a salary. It is hard to support their day to day living, to be enthusiastic an willing to bring more and more value to the children. I am raising funds to create an online educational center that will bring the right and useful information to the children for free. It will be a learning class, in one school from city of Cricova (a small city next to the capital of Moldova ) The center will have 10 computers where the teens will have an after school online learning schedule of English language, Jawa, Office, Communication and Public Speaking all year long. Some works started already: 3 volunteer teachers are enrolled in the project ( for Java, Public speaking and communication). The online learning programs are sponsored already. The computing equipment and software is provided as well (10 PCs, routers, Flat screen TV, software licenses) But we still need some founds for the restoration works of the room, furniture, payment of the internet connection and marketing materials for the project. The sum we need to cover the rest of the expenses is 10.000 euro. Please help me to rich this amount by the end of September, so the kids can take the advantage of the centre right from the beginning of the school year. Any donation big or small is appreciated and it all help us to reach our fundraising goal for the moment. This center in Cricova will be the first one. My dream is to build one center for every district in Moldova. ( 32 total) I know it is possible and I really want to give a chance to a better future to all the children in Rp. of Moldova.



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Alina is working on selecting a charity so you can support Educational Center for children from Rp. of Moldova.