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CROWDRISE : Nov 11, 2013
Tax ID: 20-5798520
BASED: Huntington Beach, CA, United States


Technology for the needy

Supporting education through advocacy, research, and resources one student at a time. Technology is the future and we want to make sure students in need have a future too.

                                   Technology is the future! 

This fundraiser is to help us raise funds to purchase new and refurbished computers. These computers will be given to families in need in Southern California. All of our participants and their families fall within 200 percent of the federal poverty line or higher. This means a family of 4 makes $34,000.00 and sometimes even less. Many of our participants struggle with everyday purchases such as food and clothing. We have many programs to service these families including scholarships, tutoring, uniforms, and school supplies. Our services include over 18 million families in Southern California. 

Our business mission is to advocate for equality in education. This  can only be done if all students are given the same resources. Computers, tablets, and netbooks can help students who would normally not have access to computers at home, gain access to information and opportunity not previously available to them.

You can help us help others by donating today. We aren't picky or greedy. From a few bucks to a couple hundred all of the donations we receive goes to this mission. 

Best part about it is, your donation is tax-deductible for you. Donate today. Support education and support needy families. 

Tax ID: 20-5798520 •


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