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Education makes GREEN sense.

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March 18, 2011

I am raising money for our environment and wildlife, please help  See more
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How does a photograph educate? how does it make our Planet a green place? by taking photographs of our wildlife and natural resources we can educate people on the impact they both have on our environment. The polar bear is losing their hunting ground due to melting ice and global warming, through photographs we can show why it's important to make changes now while we still can. What can your donations do? it can insure we document and educate the public on the importance of going GREEN. Look at our natural disasters going on, why? It's all tied in, by showing photographs we can save the polar bear and all the other endangered wildlife, the tree's and flowers. By planting one tree we are cleaning up our air, providing homes for birds, shade for the grass. Will our children know the joys of a polar bear? a rain forest? ice caps? I feel we need to go green now and take proper steps in showing the effects of our lifestyles. I have so many goals, and I just started this fund raiser, so please be patient with me.



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