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Education ( MED School )

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I am Evens Belizaire and my origin country is Haiti, i was born to a family of 8 children and i am the 7th, I served a full time LDS mission in February 2007 to February 2009. After my mission i moved to Dominican Republic and i started with my Medical school and in 2011 my first baby was born and she is 16 month's now, the sponsor i had to pay for my medical school gave up on me because i have a Daughter, when she turned 6 month's i had a good friend who gave me some money and i got back to Dominican Republic in January 2012 and the academic school year was very successful and unfortunately i can't find no more sponsor and i already lost a semester and now i am planning to go back to school for the next semester but my financial situation is too low and i can't afford it .

I wan to be a Doctor to go back to my home country or town to help people, i know how it is important for everyone to be in good health, i do remember when my Dad has been hospitalized for more than 6 months and the hospital was my home, i used to sleep under his bed every night to help my Mom took care of him, unfortunately he lost his left leg and 2 years later he passed away. Since, i was 10 years old, i always dreaming to be a Doctor, when i started doing dressing for My dad amputation and i realized how becoming a surgeon is hard then i got a good feeling to become a General surgeon with a Fellowship in Trauma surgery, I love health science and i can do it, all i need is your support to continue with my Medical school in Dominican Republic.

I have three more years to do in Medical school to be graduated as an MD in general Medicine, It's hard to see how many Haitian peoples dying daily cause we don't have Hospital and many Doctors in Haiti, I have met many Haitian Students in Dominican Republic and they are in same and even worst than my situation, they have good desire to become a good Doctor but no financial support to continue with our Medical school.

I want to receive today for a good reason, to continue with my Medical school and tomorrow i will have to give for a good reason, to help others back in life and stay in good health and help more people to go to Medical school.

Below is the school information that i am attending :

My Student ID: 2-09-14-39

UTESA ( Universidad Tecnologica De santiago )

Av. Estrella Sadhalá, Esq. Av. Circunvalación, Santiago de los Caballeros, República Dominicana

Teléfono: (809) 582-7156

Fax: (809) 582-7644

I would love to give back when i become a Doctor, i know how its hard to earn a degree and i know how hard it is to make a penny. My goals after becoming a Doctor is to help others, i am not studying Medicine to be a rich man but to help others.

I want to receive today and i have to give tomorrow for a better future and a better generation X...



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