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We emulate the model of the first Renaissance-- artists, mathematicians, writers, scientists, poets, inventors who all shared the belief that our capacity for personal development is unlimited. We're creating live events—concerts, lectures, classes, seminars, performances—that stimulate young people to see literature, math, art, science, music and critical thought as viable and exciting disciplines to pursue.


Why does this matter?  What's the point?  Aren't these just extra-curricular extravagances?


We don't think so.  We think they're absolutely essential in the development of fully-functioning human beings, and, in turn, a civilized society.  The first step begins with seeing the pathway to accomplishment.  It's not enough to talk about hypothetical situations-- we have to see it as something real, something we can see and touch and feel.  When young people see real-life examples of those who have excelled in these pursuits, they see that these goals are attainable.  This is the engine of education.


Education Renaissance of Nevada Initiative is going to fundamentally transform the idea of education and the arts, and show that they are not a luxury, they are not an extravagance, they are not elitist, they are absolutely essential, they are cool, they are the pathway to the future. Everyone has the power to be more than they dreamed possible.


If you feel as we do-- welcome aboard!  (If you don't-- take a look at what we're doing.  You might change your mind.)