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Education Volunteers Network of America (EVONA) addresses the environmental issues that adversely affect children especially in the inner cities and their ability to learn, achieve, and compete.

www.mevone.org Tax ID 30-0159887


  • Generations of children are being left behind.
  • Government strategies and programs are not effective and do not address the chronic environmental issues.
  • Kids in Detroit lack role models.
  • The kid wakes up at 21 years old and finds that they cannot read, they cannot get a job.
  • What are their options? A life of crime?.
  • Please support EVONA- Education Volunteers Network of America 5k run/walk at Belle Isle March 30th, 2014 to help promote academic/reading culture in the City of Detroit.
  • We will be hosting "so you think you can Read/Math/Science expo" later in 2014.
  • We are in schools doing after school repeating of what Teachers taught during a typical day.
  • We cannot fail these children.
  • They never asked to be born.
  • Let us all join hand/voices and say, it takes a village to educate a child.
  • Our Teachers are overworked and they cannot do it all.

EVONA targets the bottom 50%. Please support, any amount is not small.
God bless.

EVONA - Michigan