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EdVestors, Inc.

EdVestors is a dynamic school change organization focused on increasing the number of schools in Boston that deliver dramatically improved educational outcomes for all children. EdVestors works with all urban schools – district (traditional, pilot, innovation, in-district charters), Commonwealth charters, and private and independent schools serving a significant number of high-need students – leveraging strategic private investment, providing on-the-ground support to accelerate results, and developing and sharing knowledge to drive improvement across schools.

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Serving as incubator, catalyst and connector, EdVestors has become the driving force behind multiple reform initiatives to level the playing field of opportunity and achievement for Boston’s students. Building on its core beliefs of Equity, Excellence, Evidence and Effectiveness, EdVestors operates the School Solutions Seed Fund, the School on the Move Prize, the Improving Schools Initiative (ISI) and the Arts Expansion Initiative.