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CROWDRISE : Jul 31, 2012
Tax ID: 20-0311313
BASED: Seattle, WA, United States



Our Mission

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Edward Reed Arts Organization was established in 2003 during an Artist Live Work building development project in Seattle. Artists moved into a distressed (to say the least) building in an industrial area with high crime and transformed the area into a destination with a high rate of home ownership and small business development.  This growth got the attention of politicians which provided relationships with public servants in an organized effective manner to the community.  Please see past projects on website for photos and more information on this project.  The building is on a main truck route, next to the train tracks, under a freeway onramp and on the north end of Boeing Field.  Artists and business owners created change in this area within 4 years.  Amazing!!

We would love to see the buildings & communities that artists transform remain with the artists, at an affordable price, instead of being a vehicle for developers to improve their property without extending the increased property value benefit to the artists.  Edward Reed Arts Organization is partnering with like minded companies, non-profits and individuals to purchase or work with local governments in developing empty or distressed real estate into self sustaining communities that coop space to artists as well as provide community space for community organizing, education, performance and a political forum.  We are a partner with Sustainable to promote urban and rural farming to counter the effects of industrial farming on our health, animals and the earth.  There would be a commercial component in these developments that is important to revenue creation.  The arts are the building blocks of communities that have vision, compassion, growth and productivity. Let’s give back by creating safe environments for these creative community development leaders. 

Please get involved in transforming poorly utilized space in our urban and rural communities into productive self sustaining centers for positive growth and change.  Everyone knows an area, building or location that is not utilized for community growth.  The first step is community support, then going to our political representatives for support and then developing the unique plan for the transformation of the community near you.  

Tax ID: 20-0311313 •


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